Justine Armitage, GP competitor and trainer benefits from bespoke!

Justine Armitage, GP competitor and trainer benefits from bespoke!

Justine Armitage BD GP competitor and trainer

Alex first met Justine at a dressage training and ringcraft clinic organized by Samantha Hooper at S&G Equine in Shropshire in 2016. The two of them got on famously and everyone loved the layout so much it kicked off a counry wide demand for these ringcraft clinics that Alex is still being booked up for!!

Justine is a GP rider and trainer and began her interactive journey with Bespoke supplements in 2016 using them on all 4 of her advanced horses. Now she recommends that every one of her clients have a Bespoke supplement created too. Her clients rave about her training and in particular her confidence giving skills. “The empathy, sensitivity and relationship that we have to have towards our horses to create harmony in our dressage, means that having a Bespoke ensures that physically the horse is supported for joints, calmness or digestion and by physiologically knowing that, we are able to ask our horses to step up their work with more mental security.” So it helps my training, the horse’s wellbeing and the riders' confidence. 

Justine specialises in riding Iberian Spanish Horses and is heavily involved with the BD league. Justine is on the MCI committee to promote Spanish Horses in International competitions and the trend is growing rapidly. This years qualifiers take centre stage at Bury Farm. Paris, Italy and Belgium are other locations to have previously held this prestigious event. She competes her own two advanced stallions Trigueiros, 17yrs old and Xique MT 14yrs both competing at BD GP.  Timor is 17yrs old, also a Lusitano Stallion competing at PSG and is owned by Bernadette King. Don Soberano,a 9yr old Lusitano Stallion owned by Jane Smithson and competing at PSG.

Justine holds regular monthly clinics are held in Cheshire at Copper Beeches livery yard in Cheshire. Shropshire at Blaze Hill in Childs Ercall and Hardwick Hall in Ellesmere and The Wirral and Holywell. You can contact Justine via our FB page or office. "I have just recently won Royal Windsor Horse Show Lusitano Classes on two different horses and Cheshire Show World Breeds Supreme Champion. We have just been to our breed show and I won a Gold medal in the Stallion class and my home bred Stallion won a silver medal in the young Stallion class. Currently competing BD with 2 Stallions at GP and 2 Stallions at PSG."

Clearly, Justine is more than just a phenomenal trainer, she thrives on harnessing, controlling and competing equine power!

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