Sarah Healy's amazing GOLD winning kids

Sarah Healy's amazing GOLD winning kids

3 GOLD Euro medals, 2 amazing kids, 1 awesome pony, 1 bespoke.

We bought Casper our awesome pony for Ellie when she was 12, and he was just 4. We always had aspirations of winning medals, but 3 GOLD's in two years is beyond our dreams.  We remain very grounded and driven, putting our horses care and our kids mental and physical welfare as our top priority. I spoke to Alex and Jayne to tell them our wonderful results and thanked them for the part they played in our success.  If I had not bought bespoke for my old school master Callum, I would have never seen the power of these products!  Casper has had his bespoke since he was 4 and touching wood, we have just kept the training going in and keeping him fit, healthy and well." said Sarah

*My love of eventing is well known but I honestly had no idea that this resulst were even bubbling away. These are huge achievements, and I know first hand just how hard this is to achieve, you need everything going in the right direction at all times. To be thanked by Sarah was just the warmest feeling and I think we need to get Katya over to meet these incredible riders to offer her even more inspiration." said Alex Gingell


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