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Grumpy is no longer Grumpy

Grumpy might need a new nickname with his new outlook on life.

Warwick, aka Grumpy, is so much more relaxed. It's not like he's medicated or anything, he's just a very chilled Border Terrier now. Delightful!.  I was getting to the end of my tether with him and his antics. I have two Borders but their temperaments were polar opposite. I knew what I wanted from Grumpy but no amount of name-calling was dissuading him from becoming kinder. So thrilled I did listen to the people raving about Hack Up Bespoke on Facebook. 

Our calming bespoke powders, hand made for Grumpy and Instant Liquid Calm combo, has made this new customer a happy boy within days of introducing it to his feed. Much to the delight of his owner!  This calming formulation is proven to be a brilliant starter calming product for dogs of all breeds and types. We have now created the First Step Formulation range so that dog owners can get started on the dog journey before we learn all about their dog.

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