Helen Goodall's dog Manny after his coat returned

Helen Goodall's dog Manny after his coat returned

After these results I recommend Bespoke to all my dog behaviour clients.

My Shar Pei cross suffers from an on-going skin condition, linked to this he finds it difficult to rest and relax and a cycle of behaviour results. After the first day of adding the supplement to his feed I saw a significant improvement with calmer behaviour. Ongoing it has had an accumulative effect, enabling more consistent calm behaviour and an improved ability to learn. His skin condition has improved and become more stable and his fur has grown back. Helen Goodall, Canine Behaviourist.

The product created for Manny was to help soothe his sore and inflammed skin, help his body deal with whatever it was causing the hair loss and skin irritation and to give it time to help the hair regrow. We did a few refines on this to get it right.

"Dogs supplements are different to horses due to the fact that it is so easy to unsettle their tummies. Most supplements and clinical drugs have side effects that tend to upset their stomachs. I worked very closely with professionals as the range of our first bespokes were created to ensure we did not sell products that would make the dog worse than they were before their owner contacted us for support and help.  We have now formalised our broad range of first bespokes into a fabulous range of First Step Formulation products."

This is what Manny is now thriving on and the first step introduction to bespoke is now available to everyone.


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