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Nicola Haden-Scott's own story

Lexi was comfortable and mobile right up until the end.

Our senior formulator Nicola Haden-Scott has been with us since 2012 and began her canine holistic health and health and nutrition courses in 2016. After getting her degree in Equine Sports Science she absorbed her whole life into horses and dogs but always questioned the whole supplement industry, so approached Hack Up after the ethos of bespoke just made so much sense. Here is her story about her own GSD X Retriever.

Lexi is sat (far right) in this very cute picture and she had very creaky hips. We noticed her slowing down and not playing with her son and daughter (same litter!) as much as she used to. I put her on a Joint/AI Plus Bespoke so she got the benefit of maximum comfort. She certainly walked out better whilst on this and played more. It continued to support her until severely reduced lung function took her very suddenly without warning 2 years ago aged 12. I will certainly use Hack Up Bespoke when required for the pups, well, they’re now 10 so it may not be long, but for now they are still bouncy!! See, even us staff rely on fabulous natural products as we know we can trust them. Bespoke is Best!

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