Antonia Brown loves Instant Liquid Caalm

Antonia Brown loves Instant Liquid Caalm

My number 1 Instant Caalm and I have tried everything on the market!

All horses react differently to the pressures of hot atmospheres, it can add sparkle to their performance but when exuberance and energy get to the point of tension dressage marks plummet. Instant Liquid Caalm works so reliably on all the horses I've used it on. We never lose sparkle but we do keep it focused so that together we can dance around an arena concentrating on our performance rather than any distractions.

I do not need a calmer to feel happy to ride but I train many riders who do get the feeling that unnerve their confidence and supporting the rider and horse combination has the most powerful effect. Instant Liquid Caalm helps support the combination to become more in tune with each other and therefore their confidence and way of going improve hugely.

I can not recommend this Instant Caalmer highly enough. I am a paying customer who chooses bespoke and am offering my personal opinion to help people who are so confused by the number of products there are to choose from.

My own words ... Antonia Brown

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