Buy and Book Bespoke is the cheapest way to buy!
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Buy and Book Bespoke is the cheapest way to buy!

International rider Antonia Brown and her husband ex-national showjump rider and trainer, Tim Brown, together recommend the Bespoke Buy and Book automatic delivery system to save money.

All our horses who are in training and competing have their own bespoke created. "It is amazing to have such expertise at our fingertips. What makes it better is the price and ease of ordering. We have signed up to the Buy and Book system, it is the cheapest way to buy and arrives fresh just as you run out! The systems are incredible and the fact that you can alter each product between the automatic delivers, as well as change their date makes it a breeze to use. Keeping a young horse's mind on the competition job, even at the hotter competitions is more consistent when supported by a bespoke combination with Instant Liquid Calm too"  says Antonia Brown National BD competitor

The first time Tim heard about the digital innovation of bespoke supplements was when he was training Ellie Healy. "To be honest" began Tim, in his wonderful northern matter-of-fact manner "training Ellie on her mum's Sarah's ex eventer was really hard, Callum was fresh out of rehab, from a potentially career-ending injury, the vet supported our plan, which was to try train without any clinical drugs and only use an FEI competition safe supplement. This was all in an attempt to get Ellie out competing again after she had outgrown Midnight Dancer who she passed down to Finn. Having won their first Junior Gold European medal together, this was a high-risk strategy. Tim continues, "Whilst I was working Callum and Ellie I could not help but feel a deep-rooted doubt that they would not make the grade. Sarah Healy first saw Hack Up Bespoke all over Facebook right back in 2015 and decided to give it a go. She knew the Gingell name through their hunting family history and spoke to the formulators who worked hard at creating a supplement to support his joints, comfort and mobility. Vegan glucosamine was selected as it had such a positive effect on injured horses who were coming back into work. Glucosamine is naturally occurring within the horse, adding more, grown from fungus is a rather a modern concept.  Spirulina with the high levels of Omega  3 and 6 combined with Boswellia for increased comfort created a cornerstone of the supplement that simply shocked Tim.  "I can quite honestly say that I was working with them both and kept on wondering what on earth they had done! I thought he must have been back on clinical solutions, but no. This is when Sarah excitedly smiled and told me about this new innovation!

We can not recommend this company highly enough, we are not paid to say this, we buy our own bespoke, but what we do know is that they are simply doing it right.

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