Customer of 2 WEEKS wants to shout out about Hack Up Bespoke!

Customer of 2 WEEKS wants to shout out about Hack Up Bespoke!

I've seen so many people say so many great things about Hack Up I had no choice, but to give it a try.

"So after a while I decided to put my horse on hack up. I’m very particular with her as she’s a rescue and has a very sensative stomach so generally stuck to things I tried and knew before hand but after being recommended countless times and her becoming stiffer in her joints after being in a while to rest her field I thought it was time.
Spoke to one of the advisors (sorry can’t remember which one of the top of my head) and talked me through everything was able to squeeze exactly what she needed into one to help with costs and the difference in only a week is great. She’s back to being schooled with barely any stiffness and her stomach has stayed settled too. Just waiting on the mood stuff to kick in as she’s a right mare 99% of the time ??‍??
Overall I’m please that after just a week I’m already seeing changes and it can only get better from here. Thank you for all your help couldn’t recommend Hack Up enough now after trying it myself can’t wait to put in a yearly subscription to make sure I don’t run out of anything again!"
Jodie Lofting

  • Hack up bespoke team

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