Debbie Bond gives her take on Hack Up Bespoke.
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Debbie Bond gives her take on Hack Up Bespoke.

For Bespoke effectiveness, customer service and the unique Buy & Book facility, Debbie gives us the Thumbs Up!!

"I discovered Hack Up back in 2016 whilst looking for an alternative to using a balancer, I wanted to reduce the starch content, the bulk and the numerous pots of different supplements.
My older TB needed help with his joints so Alex made him a bespoke which also included the comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement that I was looking for. He continued to look and move well during his brief retirement, sadly he was taken too early.
My mare needed a calmer and one that worked as I was running out of products to try. Needless to
say it worked and has been refined over time to include ingredients to help both her and me cope when she is in season.
Spring 2019 saw the arrival of a just backed Lusitano mare, she was immediately put onto the comprehensive joint supplement along with a calm/digest/detox which has also been refined to suit her changing needs.
2020, what else do you do during lock down but add another youngster to the barn ?
Adding a boy to a barn of girls and one that had only been gelded three months earlier was exciting for all concerned, a call to Alex and a new bespoke was in the barn the following morning along with a litre of liquid caalm. He now has the comp/joint and a shot of liquid caalm if needed, he loves it and licks every last drop from the stubbs scoop.
Keeping track of what I needed to order and looking out for the special offers meant that I occasionally ran out or had a 6-12 months supply so when the Book and Buy system was introduced I was one of the first to take advantage.
Not only does it save me money over the year but it also means that I have a fresh supply every three months. I receive a text to say when the next delivery is due, there is also the option to change the date either by text or by logging into your account. If you want to add one of Alex's additions or redeem your points it will be included in your free delivery.
The service is amazing, Alex or Jayne are always ready to listen to you and work to come up with a solution to help your horse, if it's not quite right the first time they will refine it until it is."
Debbie Bond

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