Equine Bespoke Supplements

Emma Jablonski Rider, Trainer and Body Worker

I found Hack Up Bepoke and never looked back for anyone of my horses and recommend to all my customers too.

A chance phone call on a Saturday morning is where my association publically began with this amazing supplement company.

I was just a very happy customer training my own horses, training other riders and working on my own yard as a>>> bodyworker.  It was only a carrier issue that got me talking to the owners of the company who were just chatting away whilst they were checking the systems. It was in this conversation that they learned of my dressage horses and results.

Bespoke had been a part of my standard support system for years. My feelings of the handmade and hand-selected products are completely based on my own personal results of many horses. The support I have had with products has been fantastic, their team of experts really understand the results that can be achieved and what to assess in the way the horse response and the rider communicate it.

Bespoke equine supplements are far more than just a one-off product, the knowledge expertise and foundation of the formulating is exceptional and unique. I am aware of other companies trying to copy the concept but the bespoke element of expertise of every changing supplement remains a focus of this dedicated digital company.

I appreciate and accept that the handmaking factory is the vital piece of infracstrure that makes this supplement company head and shoulders above a one static pot option.

The other vital piece of this complex jigsaw is the horsemanship skills. Alex Gingell is a BD judge and ex International competitor. I have worked with him and my clients in a ringcraft session and have more dates booked, as our first one was such a success. He has the support of an experienced team to enable him to be out with riders and trainers, enjoying the world of the horse as his team takes over the reins of the business in his support.  

I can not recommend these products and experts highly enough, and NO I am not paid to say this - I am a normal customer, paying normal prices and feel that this approach is right for the equine industry. I hope sharing my story gives some insight into a company I am proud to be associated with.

  • Hack up bespoke team

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