Liquid Caalm for increased focus and concentration

Emma Woolley International Dressage Rider and Trainer

Can not believe this calmer gives focus and concentration without loosing the spark!

I have to deliver consistent top marks in dressage tests in all weathers and all atmospheres. I have never achieved such a level of improved concentration or focus without losing the competition sparkle. I can not recommend this highly enough for everyone - it works on every single horse I compete, which is more than 10.

I also have bespokes for lots of my horses and target a range of requirements. Often joints need to be supported on the older more advanced horses, as well as the condition on the younger ones who are just starting their serious dressage training. Supporting their digestive system is something we do routinely with bespoke as the limited grazing of a competition yard does need to be supported.

I travel around the UK training riders of all levels and constantly hear how much love their is for bespoke. I simply have never heard a bad word about their products, prices, service or delivery. What a wonderful company to be associated with and for anyone who is thinking of using a supplement this has to be the leading brand for knowledge and expertise.

Emma was recommended by Jayne Gingell to create individual diets for all her competition horses and has never looked back.

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