Finn and Ellie Healy Eventing

Finn and Ellie Healy Eventing

Finn and Ellie are incredible youth BE riders who have their sights set on the pathways of the best in the world.

"Our journey to finding Hack Up Bespoke began when we got Mum's retired event boy, Sarah Healy, back out competing with the support of his own bespoke. The ingredients were blended just for him and the herbs and minerals made him feel and move like the younger version of himself! That was all we needed to see to be SOLD!" said Ellie

Since those days Finn and I have reached heady heights of success with the wonderful Casper who is now bringing his new younger jockey through the levels of learning to International success.

We could not be prouder to be associated with this brand that has horse's health and well-being at the top of its agenda.  We never worry that the ingredients would be at risk for testing as the team behind this company are highly experienced and knowledgable and support and refine bespoke with us all the time.

Sarah Healy and her fabulous family recommend Hack Up Bespoke to all their pupils and equine friends. The riders get 50% EXTRA free product using the code 50NEW.

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