Hope Recovers From A Fly Reaction
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Hope & Anchor Recovers From A Fly Reaction and Respiratory Distress

Hope, winning BD para horse, struggled with her respiration after a reaction to flies and Oak pollen. I completed my personal assessment and have had a dedicated service throughout.

Hope and Anchor became very sensitive to her environment just as lockdown began. She suffered a respiratory and skin reaction from flies that were worsened when she spent time in her field with 6 great Oak trees. We began using Liquid Air and we noticed that once syringed into her mouth, Hope's nostrils became soft and relaxed: she loves the taste, and so it has been very easy to teach her to take it via syringe. We also began using the Pollen/Fly bespoke powder at the same time and have noticed that there is a clear difference in Hope's response to flies and midges; she is currently in her field without her Boett rug and I have not needed to use fly spray despite the very warm conditions. Hope is genuinely my 'horse of a lifetime' and following a hysterectomy and emergency bowel surgery, she bounced back with courage and terrific inner strength. My number one concern is her comfort and welfare, and that alone. I have been in pieces watching this whole episode unfold, and am thrilled with the response that I am seeing. Knowing that I can increase, decrease, remove or add any ingredient from a huge range of herbs and minerals gives me a huge peace of mind. The Liquid Air is safe to use on a daily basis so I am feeling more in control with supporting her as we return to training and hopefully the winters season will be running. I am secure in the knowledge that all of the ingredients are competition safe too!

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