Jessica Blackmore wins Inter 2
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Jessica Blackmore wins Inter 2

Bespoke has supported Feininger to become the best he can be. We are on the Buy & Book system which means we never forget to order and can change his bespoke in between deliveries too.

Feininger used to be incredibly nervous and stressed at competitions - he’d be shaking when he came off the lorry, and wouldn’t go near white boards, flower pots, tables or anything else! Despite having barely been out for a few years, he was lovely and relaxed at this competition. He cruised around the main arena at Hartpury with no worries at all. Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier with how he handled it! Bespoke has helped him to focus and settle down and it means the world to me to see him happy and relaxed at a competition now. ??

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