Lewey's bespoke keeps him going strong!

Lewey's bespoke keeps him going strong!

Lewey has improved dramatically thanks to his bespoke.

Lewey is prone to laminitis attacks due to his metoblic system, eighteen months ago he was really lame, almost like he is was walking on tennis balls when he could walk a few steps really thought I was going to loose him.

I spoke to Nic and she was so reassuring and gave me hope.  I got my hack up formula specially made for Lewey . After 2 weeks saw a improvement, he could walk a bit more easily. 9 months of box rest with little in hand walking 10 months later a little hack.

He is now able to hack out without hoof boots and can trot and canter up tracks. Really though it was the end then tried yours as a last thing and he really did turn a corner like I said after about a week of being on it saw little improvements every day. Really can’t thank you enough!

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