Monty's feet stay on the ground

Monty's feet stay on the ground

After nearly a year of being out of action, Monty is now feeling better and his bespoke combo is keeping him cool and calm!

Monty, after his 13 April steroid injection in C6/C7, was bouncing like a tennis ball and I was not totally looking forward to getting back on! He is clearly enjoying the relief of pain afforded by the injection. I tried trotting him up for the vet and he just about exploded and nearly slipped over on wet tarmac. I mixed his new supplements 50/50 in with his remaining old supplements so that I could start using the new calming powders. The chamomile smells amazing! Anyway, although Monty is now one hundred times more sensitive than he used to be (and he was super sensitive before) the calming powders and an extra two shots of Caalm Liquid mean that I can ride him and have a dialogue without him leaving the planet. We were given our first spook the other day by someone slamming a car door, but I was very pleased because the size of spook was in proportion to the size of the stimulus, not the ten cartwheels he would’ve done previously! So, all in all, Monty is very happy on his new Bespoke, thanks so much!

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