Pollen made her grumpy but now happy on bespoke

Pollen made her grumpy but now happy on bespoke

No end of changes of nose nets, bits face masks never helped like her Hack Up bespoke did!

I got my LouNee in February 2014, as soon as the grass started growing she became grumpy, stubborn and snatched at her reins alot. I put it down to her being young and spring grass. By May she was almost unridable! Her head shaking was classed as 'extreme' by the vet. It was suggested that I start trying shop brought supplements before intrusive examinations were made by vets. I'm not going to name the products I tried 6 of the top market ones, none touched her at all, her head-shaking was terrible and terrifying. I tried different bits, no noseband, different noseband, nets, full face masks, you name it I tried it. Nothing made any difference to Lou at all.

Then I was advised to speak to Alex. We had a long chat and within 4 days LouNee was starting her bespoke Hack Up. Day 5 I tried a hack, , and rode for almost 25 mins before her eyes started streaming and she started blowing, I couldn't get down my drive. By 2 weeks we where back hacking full time! We went to Thetford for a week, and did lots of organised pleasure/pub rides. LouNee still gets snorty, and politely asks to rub her nose, but other than that nothing at all. I've kept LouNee on a maintenance level all over winter, and started upping it today.
Alex has given me my horse back! I can't thank him enough!!!
Sam Barnes

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