Sarah Groom's 25 Mare Has Got Her Sass Back
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Sarah Groom's 25 Mare Has Got Her Sass Back

Back in the Summer my 25 year old was visably very uncomfortable in her mobility, now after 3 months on her bespoke, she is galloping round the field.

"So...not sure whether to complain or applaud...Back in the summer my 25 year old Irish Draught mare was hobbling with very restricted movement, and could barely trot or turn and I was coming to terms with the fact that this was probably her last summer. 

She has been on an AI Bespoke from Hack Up for about 3 months and is now on 30g a day. 

Today I spent 20 minutes trying to catch her as she flew around the field at almost full gallop with her tail in the air having decided that she didn’t want to come in. I’ve got my sassy girl back, long may it continue xx
Thanks Hack Up, but I might need to cut down a bit so I can actually catch her!"
Sarah Groom


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