The BOY is BACK!

The BOY is BACK!

Char says we made her boy FLY! We created a bespoke from this connection and understanding relationship.

My first story about Benji was saying I could feel the difference of the new powder formulation and then the addition of the joint liquid - but this weekend was the true test.  Oh, goodness am I pleased I did not hit the routine injections - he felt a million dollars and saved me lots of money too!!

The change in his movement was within a few days both mum and I felt it. We did not dare believe it until we put in a bigger test of cross country schooling which was awesome. That preparation for Sollihul was so exciting but to see him FLY this weekend was just heartwarming, exhilarating and a boost to the bank balance.

The expertise from Nicola and her team really helped us maximize the powerful combinations of the herbs and minerals that were created just for Benji - being a fan of bespoke since 2014 but now I am an addict and need to spread the word to everyone who competes! Nature and bespoke have an alternative for our horses!

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