Dicalcium Phosphate

This is a stable ratio of Calcium:Phosphorus that has been included in your bespoke in safe ratios to support either your young or older animal. Necessary for neuro-muscular and mitochondrial processes.

Di-Calcium Phosphate is a white powder of nutritional value. It provides both calcium and phosphorous which maybe lacking in a horses regular diet. 

It has a neutral PH and is an ideal supplement because of its optimum Calcium:Phosphorus ratio. Calcium and phosphorous comprise about 70% of the mineral content of the body. About 99% of the calcium and over 80% of the phosphorous are in the bones and teeth. However both calcium and phosphorous play a critical role in numerous body functions.

Calcium is necessary for blood coagulation, cell membrane function, glandular secretion, temperature regulation and the activity of many enzyme, neuro-muscular and mitochondrial processes.

Phosphorous is a necessary buffer for energy metabolism and many other cellular functions.


Titles    Values
Batch Number    DCP-m339
Crude Oil & Fats     0.2%
Crude Fibre     0.4%
Crude Ash     91.0%
Crude Protein     0.5%
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