Milk Thistle

Known for its detoxification and anti-oxidant properties, this herb supports liver function and also helps with calming and seasonal support.

Milk Thistle is an herbal remedy derived from the Milk Thistle plant, also known as Silybum Marianum.
This prickly plant has distinctive purple flowers and white veins, which traditional stories say were caused by a drop of the Virgin Mary's milk falling onto its leaves.

The active ingredients in Milk Thistle are a group of plant compounds collectively known as Silymarin
The Silymarin extracted from Milk Thistle is known to have antioxidant properties. These mop up the free radicals created within the body from a variety of sources that can affect mobility and comfort.
In fact, it has traditionally been used to treat digestive and hormonal issues. 

Riders and owners feedback is proving vital for more research into the effects at different ratios in bespoke which is cutting edge knowledge that is being gained by us for the equine and canine industry.



Titles    Values
Batch Number    MT-05P10521
Crude Oil & Fats     7.50%
Crude Fibre     27.1%
Crude Ash     6.0%
Crude Protein     21.5%
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