Instant Liquid Caalm 5ltr - Equine Calming Supplement

Liquid Caalm 5ltr

Liquid Caalm 5ltr

Liquid Caalm 5ltr
Antonia brown rating

Sarah Jones and her black cob mare Rosie

The mare was an absolutely angel and we even managed a walk down the road and back. Her groundwork was just lovely, calm and soft to handle and therefore gave her owner so much more confidence. Managed trot, walk, halt transitions just with body language, no pulls on the rope, circling games, backing up, etc. ..Read more

Liquid Caalm - Highly Effective Horse Calmer - Guaranteed For calming and soothing tense muscles (New Improved Formulation) Liquid Caalm contains 100% natural ingredients that include Chamomile, Ginger, Liquorice, Hawthorn, Marshmallow with added Vit E and Selenium that are all known to support and maintain healthy muscle function. Relaxed calm muscles have a huge effect on your horse's temperament. DIRECTIONS FOR USE 25mls 1-3 times daily, or 25ml shots as required some see a benefit in up to 75mls per day.  Can be given a more.

Feeding Instructions:
Administer 25mls up to 3 times a day or as required.

Analytical Constituents:
Moisture: 90%, Ash: 0.4%, Oil: 2.72%, Protein: 1.4%, Fibre: 0.1%

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