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B&B Membership


Absolute COMMON SENSE prevailing with B&B.

The Buy & Book membership has been created to enable loyal and long term customers get a continual supply of 'fresh / hand-made' bespokes at the best possible prices per kilo. So you needn’t worry about applying the right Coupon Code at the right time to get the best deal, you’ll simply be assured of it without thinking.

This was Alex’s customer service dream in 2015 only made possible by the award winning tech team harnessing the power of automation to make it happen!


How it works….

1. We (you and Alex) identify if there are Bespoke formulas on your file that you use daily throughout the year.

2. Alex then puts an option on your file for a years worth of that Bespoke formula, at a price per kilo that saves you money!!

3. When you next need the Bespoke, you purchase this larger size using the ‘split delivery / Buy & Book’ facility.

4.The ‘split payments’ facility at the checkout will automatically split the payments equally over 3 months, interest free. 

5. In the case of your bespoke being set out in 3 parts, we then create 1/3 of this bespoke and send it to you immediately carriage free.

6. In 4 months time we send you another 1/3 of the bespoke, then again in 4 months after that carriage free. Occasionally we'll send you 4 deliveries just 3 months apart.

7. We text you before dispatch to see if you need anything else (bespokes, pre formulated products or Additional products) added onto your Buy & Book delivery carriage free.

8. You can have your formula refined between the deliveries too if required at no extra cost too.

9. If you need to bring forwards a delivery because you're getting through it faster, it's easy for you to do on the ‘Order History’ page.

10. If you need to push a delivery back as you're getting through it slower then that can be sorted the same way too.


When you visit the site you will see the B&B Bespoke is already sitting in your shopping cart, paid for and with FREE delivery. Adding extra products into this cart ensures that you are making the most of the FREE delivery.  If you do not need anything extra then your bespoke simply arrives fresh and ready for use in a refill pouch to keep you ‘green’ unless you specify another pot.

Need to refine? Horses and dogs circumstances can create a need for a supplement changes or tweak.  Using the B&B still allows this unique feature to be used, before your new fresh pot is made and the systems handle all the hard work.

As your last delivery is created you automatically complete your membership. The site will prompt you to renew your membership or simply let it lapse.

When you order your B&B you utilise the automated split payment feature so you pay in three equal amounts in the first quarter of the membership, there are then no additional costs until the years worth or agreed amount is despatched.

As soon as you have purchased your B&B option your membership starts.



- If you worry about running out of supplements before reordering in time, then this scheme is for you. 

- If you buy the smaller sizes on a regular basis to keep it as fresh as possible so do not buy at the best price per kilo, then this scheme is for you. 

- If you buy a large tub to get the best price per kilo but then are frustrated to be unable to refine the formula if your horse’s situation change, then this scheme is for you. 

- If you buy a large tub to get the best price per kilo but are concerned that the bespoke is not as fresh towards using the end of the tub as it was at the beginning, then this is the scheme for you.

As there are no preservatives, colorings or flavorings in bespoke products then it follows that they are best fed fresh, not stored for long periods and this Buy & Book facility ensures the very best quality product, at the best price, with the best service.

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