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Fly Bespoke with Fly Spray

Fly Bespoke with Fly Spray

Fly Bespoke with Fly Spray
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Powder and Liquid Combo

Emma Jablonski started to work with us developing the proving the Liquid Sooth and Joint Liquid in combination with Instant Liquid Caalm and her joint and digestion powders. Now over 92% of people combining liquids and powders are seeing the same huge impressive results. We are simply putting back into our horses what we take out with work and age, then their bodies become the best they can be.

The bespoke powder deters flys and in combintion with Botanica’s Fly Spray which is an all-natural spray with a unique formula that can be used on all animals to keep them protected for longer. An essential for any horse or pony owner.

This offer combines your bespoke powder that is available as a stand alone powder option, combined with the recommendedfly spray that is displayed below. Using both the powder and the fly spray give a powerful and flexible bespoke solution that we recommend as the ultimate combination. This 1kg of powder and fly spray is discounted by £5 as we are passing on the savings in packaging and production.   Ginger - Powdered ginger is a warming spice that supports circulation and mobility as well as promoting normal digestive and more.

Feeding Instructions:
Load at 50g per day for 10 days, maintenance 20 - 40g per day as required. 20g scoop enclosed.

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Plastic supplement pots and pouches are not recycled they go to landfill, help us help our planet and re-use any other storage you already own.

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