First Step Formulation Calming

First Step Formulation Calming

First Step Formulation Calming

First Step Formulation Calming
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I have been buying Bespoke for years, for me, it has proven to be the most effective, affordable and logical way to offer every horse just what they need, when they need it. The Instant products are just as effective and the overall package is an innovation for our horses. Put in a form and find out what the experts recommend to help your animals, there is no obligation and their knowledge is impressive.

This combination of ingredients will help settle the anxious or excitable dog and can have a calming effect. Introduce slowly. Dogs with anxiety can often have a more sensitive digestive system so if stools are affected use natural live yogurt to help settle.

The calming results from our carefully selected herbs have balancing effect on the serotonin levels in your dog's brain, that are required to display a calm demeanor. The ideal for preventative measures for active dogs or for dogs showing signs of joint stiffness. Ginger - Powdered ginger is a warming spice that supports circulation and mobility as well as promoting normal digestive and respiratory function. Full of anti-oxidants which mop up free radicals.   Dicalcium Phosphate - This is a stable ratio of Calcium:Phosphorus more.

Feeding Instructions:
Complementary Pet food. Introduce very gradually. Dogs up to 10kg feed 2-4g per day, Dogs 10-30kg feed 5-10g per day, Dogs 30kg+ feed 10-20g per day.

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Plastic supplement pots and pouches are not recycled they go to landfill, help us help our planet and re-use any other storage you already own.

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