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Customers hit by economic effect of C-19 benefit from donations from Hack Up communit.y

Nurses, doctors and vets looked to us for high quality doorstep delivery of hand sanitiser, they knew the capabilities of bespoke and used it for another product. Now customers are helping each other out with buying each other bespoke.

Bespoke customers are often the kindest and most compassionate type of personalities. They care about their animals more than most and this C-19 crisis has shown us new depths of humanity blended with a business that has reliable key skills that enables us to bring out the best of everyone.

Yesterday two very sad calls made Alex share his story on facebook.  He has posted on a true story of an owner, who is isolated from their families, lost their job and running so low on money but who has chosen to  prioritise their 26 year old horses bespoke over themselves. Another, where a lady was poorly, she had lost her friend to C-19 and was desperately worried about her own health. However, she insisted that she buy the annual supply of bespoke for her horse and wished everyone else well.

The Hack Up Community has rallied to support and help those most in need. Today our first community transaction took place. Loretta Bentley kindly paid for Emma Harrison's product and we then added  50% extra FREE product and FREE carriage. "the reach out from these amazing people is heartwarming, we all know and feel the difference bespoke does for our horses and making my horses life harder was something that I could not do. Thank you Loretta from the bottom of my heart." said Emma.

If you're struggling and want to keep your horses comfortable in this crisis, then reach out to us and share your story, either on your account using your bespoke chat or on a new form. We will then discuss your difficulties and pair you up with your donating partner. We can do this so you can talk or just work you through the payment gateway, every situation is going to be very different. We feel blessed to be in a world of bespoke where our customers are always so kind, generous, and empathetic to others not so fortunate.

Most Hack Up customers are coping well in this C-19 crisis. They live in the country and they are healthy and well. Our close-knit Bespoke community attracts the kindest of owners, who love to get involved with their horse's health and well being. Naturally, those kindest souls are also there to help each other. So this offering to help each other is true to their nature and the easy connection of the digital world helps this love flow freely.


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