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Bespoke stripped Bare - and recognised as the best.

Bespoke Stripped Bare

This year, we have started by stripping off the excess packaging. Bespokes are now better for the environment and now we are flagshipped as the best in the industry too - by you. 50% Extra FREE for all new horses, dogs, and customers + FREE tinplate pail with new orders.  Checkout code 50NEW.

Self-Preserving Supplements

Our founder, Alex Gingell has personally spent twenty-five years dedicated to self-preserving supplements for horses, dogs, and owners. Self-preserving supplements mean that our Bespokes do not use any unnecessary sugars, preservatives, or fillers - ingredients to simply fill the pot.  This has been a backbone of our success for Bespoke as a dedicated digital business since 2014 for horses and 2016 for dogs.

Bare is also the way we work to gain International accreditation. Working closely with four fabulous government departments, whose role is to ensure that customers are given informed, uninflated information. This cooperation began before the first website was built. 

Bare all to Customer

The process of bespoke has been bare to all customers for all these years.. Bespoke is individual by design, individual by nature. It is stripped bare with honesty and ethics, it is environmentally friendly and effectively delivering what our dedicated digital route has made possible.

Bare of Sugars

Insulin spikes created by sugars show in negative behaviour. Sugars come in all guises from spring growth grass, to feeds and supplements. Our dedication to avoiding sugars has been one we have adhered to for decades and where palatability is required we use licquorice, garlic, peppermint and other fresh, raw ingredients.

Your Stories

Self-preserving supplements, biodegradable packaging International accreditation gives Internationally safe competition products. ... more>>

A. Not as much as you’d think – typically just 37p per day!!!... more>>

Our Story

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