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Poppy is back to her old self thanks to the support of her bespoke supplement!

Poppy is my 9-year-old cocker spaniel. She had a tumour removed from the top her head in June and was taking a long time to recover. She just wasn’t herself after surgery and her coat became quite dull.

Unfortunately, there was an accident, and she was bitten very close to her surgery wound which was still healing. Within 48 hours she had a very nasty infection and a shot straight to our vets to get her checked over. The vet was concerned that we got in top of the infection quickly and I was worried about how low she seemed and the amount of swelling so decided she needed further support.

I called Natural Bespoke Supplements who are the sister company of Hack Up Bespoke which I already use for my horses and had a long chat with them about how herbs and minerals could support Poppy through her recovery. I live very close to their new handmaking practice and within an hour of leaving the vets, I drove over to collect a completely bespoke and hand-mixed supplement for Poppy.

I started her on it straight away on a high-loading dose twice a day. I was worried she may not be keen on powder added to her food but she wasn’t fazed at all and ate all her dinner and every meal with her bespoke supplement in!

Within a few weeks she was back to her old self! I can’t believe how quickly she has recovered with the extra natural support of herbs and minerals alongside the veterinary care she required. Her coat is amazing, she is my bright and happy girl again! You would never know she has had surgery all the hair has grown back beautifully on her head.

She is now down to a maintenance dose which she will stay on now and I’m going to be getting in touch very soon to design a joint supplement for her to support her now she is in her golden years.

Thankyou Natural Bespoke for helping my girl through such a rough patch and supporting her into the future! Louise x

  • Hack up bespoke team

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